4 reasons why you should outsource a data scientist

4 reasons why you should outsource a data scientist

Data science in the new acronym everywhere I go. Organizations around the world are anxious to crunch data with the hope of being more competitive and innovative. Unfortunately, data science talent is rare. There is a high demand for data science skills; all companies are fighting for the few individuals in the market.

Hire a good data scientist and in less than 12 months, he/she is gone.

Some companies opt to build capacity internally an exercise that is not only time-consuming but expensive. Companies are trying to convert software developers and data analysts to data scientists. While this is true and good in the long run, software developers only make good data engineers and mathematicians, on the other hand, make good data analysts.

For a data science team to operate efficiently, a business needs a minimum of 3 key roles in place : data engineers, data analysts and a data scientist.

While you seek to build a team, outsourcing this component can speed your organization's path to developing data science capability. An outsourced relationship will help your organization build capacity to fill important skill gaps that would have taken years to realize.

Vendors such as Nakala Analytics(Kenya) may come in handy to assist build a data team. Here are a few reasons to consider outsourcing.

  1. Save costs of up to 50% on hiring, training, operations, etc.
  2. Increase the speed of delivery. You have a team of highly skilled and experienced experts whom you can rely upon to answer your data questions within SLA. The entire team is carefully selected and managed to handle existing challenges at the beginning of the contract.
  3. Outsourcing your data science team would free your energies and allow you to focus on building your brand. All you may need to do with an outsourced data science team is to ask the right questions.
  4. You no longer need to invest in recruiting and training expensive resources for your business.

Outsourcing data science allows you to start running from day 1. It allows you to focus on deliverables that matter to your business. An ideal path to getting started is to follow these steps. If this idea sounds interesting to you, please reach out!

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