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It takes at least 6 months to hire a
data expert. Would you rather wait
or outsource?

Dear Client,
 Landing on this page means you are either hiring data analysts or have a genuine need to use a consultant for your services. You are on the right track.
 In Nakala, we provide basic and advanced data analytics support services to businesses with data but limited capabilities to generate insights from the data. We are 90% certain that you are currently advertising for a data scientist
 That may seem like a great idea for now; however, our concern is that the level of attrition on data staff is very high today, and probably having a partner supporting your data needs side by side would be an essential consideration. Our research shows that it takes at least six months to grasp a good champ in data analytics. All our existing clients seem to be having the same problem; the data team is overwhelmed with daily tasks and hence unable to influence strategy because they have a lot of operational data needs to address. The technical recruiting manager lacks time to recruit. The managers do many operations data works that take up 90% of their daily time, which is unproductive. The market is screaming for a few talented individuals.
We can take up the dirty data work until you get a hire leaving your analytics managers free to make decisions and grow your business. We support your daily operational data analytics needs of any kind in the scope of data visualization, dashboards, data processing, data warehousing, and machine learning and Ai.
Our partnership could involve supporting your daily data needs, developing analytics dashboards, and developing advanced machine learning models.
If what you are reading makes sense, please get in touch with us or write to us via

What Makes Nakala Analytics your preferred data analytics solution provider?

    1. Nakala Analytics Ltd. is a legally registered service and innovation-based company specializing in data innovation. 
    2. We are a team of data professionals with a combined team experience of over 40 years in the data space.
    3. We offer data analytics services using a unique methodology that realizes data efficiency, transparency, automated reporting, information sharing, and predictive modeling to realize data-driven decision-making.
    4. The effectiveness of our services is visible from week 2, which offers in-depth capacity development(your team), data audit for data science, data analytics strategy, advanced analytics, and visually interactive interfaces.
    5. We are nimble, hungry, and relentlessly focused on ROI, and we do world-class work with global clients.
    6. 30+ successful projects locally and internationally.


Our outsourced services

Operational Analytics.

  • We typically focus on using your data to support day-to-day business data needs.
  • It involves using various data analytics & BI tools to get more transparent information for business planning.
  • The tasks could be as granular as fetching data for executives to consume or generating data visualizations using open source and proprietary software such as PowerBI, Tableau, etc.
  • We are willing to be part of all the steps, from data collection to analysis, interpretation, and recommendations.
  • Eventually, this will supplement your existing team capabilities to ensure quick ROI. We empower your employees to be citizen data scientists using self-service BI tools
  • Our objective is to build a self-service environment that you won't need us anymore but recommend us to your partners

Our Process

  • We start by defining, dissecting, and exploring your existing situation to offer the service.
  • We could start from anywhere, supporting your day-to-day data analytics operational processes or taking up your data science projects.
  • Once we understand your objectives, our team member(s) work side by side with your team to ensure business continuity.

Why outsource your data analytics?

  1. Save up to 50% on hiring, training, operations, etc.
  2. Increase the speed of delivery. You have a team of highly skilled and experienced experts whom you can rely upon to answer your data questions within SLA. The entire team is carefully selected and managed to handle existing challenges at the beginning of the contract.
  3. Outsourcing your data science team would free your energies and allow you to focus on building your brand. All you may need to do with an outsourced data science team is asking the right questions.
  4. You no longer need to invest in recruiting and training expensive resources for your business.

We are a data analytics service provider with the right mix of data science expertise to support businesses build winning data strategies.

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