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The Science of Analytical Reasoning Facilitated by Interactive Visual Interfaces.

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Nakala Services

Using advanced visual interfaces, we help your team directly interact with the data analysis capabilities of today’s computer, allowing them to make well-informed decisions in complex situations faster and more efficiently.

Tableau Implementation

Creating consensus between data and business using images helping you understand the dos and donts in your business .

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Tableau Training

There's a lot going on in the world of analytics. Lead the way with our comprehensive analytics training in Tableau, R and Ms Excel.

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Advanced Analytics

We employ Predictive Analytics & Data Mining techniques using opensource tools such as R, WEKA, SPSS & Python to deliver real solutions to your teams.

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Analytics Strategy/Recruitment

We walk side by side creating a roadmap that fully enables analytic solutions to directly impact business priorities

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Service Offers

Our services have been pre-packaged to address immediate markets demands utilizing the rapid implementation prototype at a cost effective price. Enquire

Visual Analytics NOTES

  • Easily and quickly spot patterns from voluminous data.
  • Communicate to a wider audience in the organization.
  • Identify risks and spot opportunities from data.
  • Look to the past for insight into the future.
  • Identify and select best talent from a pool of applicants from historical data.
  • Improve process efficiency by identifying lag points on a real time basis.
  • Create transparency in performance management, appraisal, capacity development.
  • Tableau has a large range of functions and features. Key capabilities include:

  • Web-based analytics in minutes, not days.
  • Multi-dimensional insights into your business.
  • Geographic visibility with one-click analytical map creation.
  • In-memory data engine makes your slow databases and files super speedy.
  • Compelling presentations for internal and external meetings.
  • Collaboration and sharing through web deployment.
  • Embedded interactive visualizations into applications.
  • Plugs into your existing IT infrastructure — fast and easy deployment, low maintenance, low total cost of ownership.

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