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Problem based approach to data analytics challenges.

• Machine Learning

  1. Deploy transformative solutions using state-of-the-art tools. Text mining is our niche, but we don't mind playing with structured data either.
  2. Experts in customer analytics, impact analytics, predictive methods, chatbots, real estate, BFSI & NGO projects.

• Training & Coaching

  1. Ability to use internal and external data is a skill that must help us to solve business problems and avoid the insanity of repeating the same action while expecting different results.
  2. Our world class offering is designed for analysts, executive suite and middle-level managers seeking to be that agent of transformative change within their organizations.

• Data Audit 4 Data Science

  1. Identify content and structural gaps in the data ecosystem that may prevent the organization from achieving its strategic objectives.
  2. Create an ideal roadmap bespoke to the organizations current and future market positioning

• Premium Internships

  1. Nakala premium internship provides an experience for professionals aiming towards professional career development in data science.
  2. You can gain experience in new work settings, equip yourself with skills needed to solve data challenges using cutting edge technology and bring a fresh perspective for companies.
  3. Offered at a premium fee spread over a period of 3 months.

Our Method

  • Our services are tailored towards rapid solution implementation. Effectiveness of our implementations are visible from week 2 which offers dynamic analytics.

  • Visualizing data empowers organizations to interpret data more effectively and gain quickly answers to current business trends
1. Requirements analysis & planning
To arrive at the best solution, we start by defining, dissecting and exploring the challenge. Once we understand your business and have familiarised ourselves with your market, your competitors and your audience,

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