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With the emerging wave of information driven technology, businesses have inevitably found themselves unable to resist technological indulgences. To keep up with trends, the industry has had to continually review its best strategies; developing solutions that address customer needs and leverage the benefits of different channels. The growth of the industry has seen inventions in utilization of big data which is helping to drive digital transformation as well as new sources of data from both inside and outside the organization.

Nakala Analytics Ltd has positioned itself to drive the data innovation agenda accross industries in Kenya. To ignite innovation, we recomend that companies have a data innovation strategy that will see efficient, timely and cost effective actions. Our approach proposes solutions to the concerns of a company by identifying opportunistic data innovation avenues in order to establish an effective analytics strategy that supports execution of the overall company strategy.

This further identifies how data analytics can achieve business objectives by mapping fundamental system capabilities to organization strengths now and in future. Concerns are business oriented and so of particular interest to business decision-makers, product managers and system engineers.


Our services are tailored towards rapid solution implementation. Effectiveness of our implementations are visible from week 2 which offers intuitive insights presented in an interactive manner.

Data Visualization & Machine Learning

We create consensus between big data and business using state-of-the-art technology helping you understand the dos and don'ts in your operations in an easy-to-understand way. Our focus is to reduce risk, increase profits and identify opportunities for our customers using data.
Data Audit 4 Data Science

Data Audit 4 Data Science

We identify content and structural gaps in the data ecosystem that may prevent your organization from achieving strategic objectives. Our work is to tie the strings together by providing recommendations that facilitate collection, processing, usage and storage of data in a manner that supports affluent innovation.
Data Analytics Strategy

Data Analytics Strategy

Following a data audit, we create an ideal road map bespoke to the organizations current and future market positioning focusing efforts on steps that lead to effective data utilization. Our key approach makes use of the four balanced score card perspectives in order to maximize the impact of data analytics in the entire organization.Details
Data Science Software

Data Science Software

Do not use a hammer to slash grass. Many of times organizations make mistakes by using gut feeling while buying a software. The use of correct tools for the right job significantly reduces the cost of implementation. Our objective is to help you get it right the first time. We can facilitate the procurement of any data science software of your need.
Data Analytics Training

Data Analytics Training

Our world-class offering are tailored to address the changing status of data-centric employment, skills & workforce strategy to align with the "Fourth Industrial Revolution". Our classes last between 1-45 days depending on the needs of the student. Our approach is "Bring your data because training time is work time!"

Data Labeling

Are you building AI capability and do not know how to create meaningful datasets?

Choosing us is the beginning of the Journey!

Nakala is a client-focused data analytics services firm, with a team which has over 50 years of combined data handling experience. We offer our clients an experience that transforms raw and cluttered pieces of data into strategic innovation strong points.

We believe when knowledge is shared, it grows and building a data centric culture can be extremely rewarding in both return on capital invested and quality of life improvements.

Our Implementation Frameworks

Effectiveness of our implementations are visible from week 2 .


To arrive at the best solution, we start by defining, dissecting and exploring the challenge. Once we understand your business and have familiarized ourselves with your market, your competitors and your audience,

Data Curation

Conduct a data audit for data science/analytics. During this phase, we identify content and structural gaps in the data ecosystem that may prevent the organization from achieving its strategic objectives.


Typically, takes less than 8 days! We use prototyoes to quickly demonstrate how the final product will look like.

Solution Development

Let's build the solution.

Quality Assurance

QA applied on each item that gets shipped to production.


This is the heart of the project. The analytics developed should support current and future data presentation needs. We adopt an agile way of developing our dashboards which focus on continuous delivery of business value for effective collaboration with the stakeholders to ensure technical excellence during project execution.
(+254)-778 178 098

(+254)-778 178 098

4th Flr, Office 412 | Trance Towers, Tsavo Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

4th Flr, Office 412 | Trance Towers, Tsavo Rd, Nairobi, Kenya