Sales Analytics Training Nairobi

Learn how to harness the power of analytics to improve and power high, lasting sales performance.DATES :

16th April 2019


Emory Hotel, Kileleshwa, Nairobi.


"In a world where data is everywhere," making decisions and plans using "gut" instinct can lead to big trouble for your sales organization. Ability to dynamically track and analyze sales data in order to understand, model, and predict sales trends is the most critical weapon a sales executive should have. Interactive and easily shareable, actionable data insights help illuminate what’s working and what isn’t, where the opportunities are, and what needs to be prioritized to scale the team’s success. In this course, we shall learn how to harness the power of analytics to improve and power high, lasting sales performance. REGISTER

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, delegates will undergo:
  • Easily create interactive sales dashboards for effective performance management without relying on IT [Interactive Reporting].
  • Accurately forecast future sales and bring predictability to the sales process [Predict the future].
  • Efficiently track and monitor pipeline conversion metrics such as Win rate, pitch rate, lose ratio etc. [Best practice reporting].
  • Understand emotional and subconscious customer behavior to optimize pitch processes. [Sentimental Analysis].
  • Course Target Group.

    An understanding of how data analytics can influence successful strategic decision-making is crucial for every leader in any modern day organization. This course is essential for sales professionals at all levels within their organizations, namely:
  • VP of Sales
  • Account Executives
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Engineer
  • Business Development Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Support
  • Footsoldiers
  • Course Outline

  • Useful data analytics tools.
  • Analytics methods on retrieval of sales data and generation of sales metrics.
  • How data driven planning could bring predictability to the selling process - Data analytics methods for sales prediction.
  • How sentimental analysis on customer feedback could help you achieve a stronger sales proposition.
  • Practical case studies.
  • Training Methodology

    This training course will combine instructor-led presentations with interactive discussions between participating delegates that relate to their individual interests.

    It is presented in a very hands-on way to suit individuals with varying levels of knowledge and experience. In addition practical exercises, video material and case studies will stimulate and support these discussions in order to provide maximum benefit to the participants.

    Above all, the course leader will make extensive use of case examples and case studies based on real-life strategic issues and situations in which he has been personally involved. REGISTER

    Course Duration, Location & Investment

    Duration: 1 days[8 Hours]
    Venue: Emory Hotel, Kileleshwa, Nairobi Kenya.
    Date: 16th April 2019
    Investment: 25,000 + VAT ( Applicable to East Africans Only )
    Deliverables: The fee above is inclusive of breakfast, tea, snacks, lunch
    and full learning pack for all workshop attendees for the two days of training.

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    We strive to provide our participants with top notch support even as the training ends.
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