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PREMIUM Data Science Training Nairobi

Advanced data science course in machine learningDATES : 9-12th April 2019INVESTMENT : Ksh 65,000 / $655LOCATION : DATA SCIENCE LAB, VALLEY ARCADE, NAIROBI.


The world is in the age of analytics becoming more data driven by the day. Scientific data analysis has become all - pervasive making it one of the fastest growing and most profoundly important fields in management. In this course we combine conceptual knowledge of machine learning with extensive experience of applying it to real-world data. You will develop skills in applying Python’s scikit-learn package to make predictions by leveraging the information hidden in numerical, textual and categorical data. The emphasis is on learning hands-on techniques to maximize the predictive performance of machine learning workflows. After building a solid foundation in the Python stack, we focus on the different types of feature sources for machine learning. Intermingled with the machine learning material are short discussions and exercises to consolidate what has been learnt. REGISTER

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, delegates will undergo:
  • Articulate data science problems effectively.
  • Set up an integrated analysis pipelines for building reliable and repeatable machine learning workflows with Python.
  • Write programs to access the various data science tools, document, and automate analytic processes using the Python standard library.
  • Concisely express high performance computations and numerical analyses using NumPy.
  • Effectively load, clean, normalize,aggregate, and transform data using Pandas.
  • Use specific regression, classification, and clustering algorithms to model data and solve problems by leveraging the full power of the Scikit-Learn API.
  • Deploy machine learning into production.
  • Course Target Group.

    An understanding of how data science techniques can be applied influences successful strategic decision-making is crucial for every analyst in any modern day organization. This training course is essential for professionals with an interest in data science and could be well suited for.
  • BI Managers
  • Data Science Team Leads
  • Director of Data Science
  • Data analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Machine Learning engineers
  • Quantitative analysts
  • Software developers
  • Data engineers and architects
  • Cyber security analysts and digital forensics analysts
  • Business Intelligence
  • Course Outline

  • Python Refresher.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning: Exploratory data analysis and feature engineering.
  • Machine Learning Predictive Algorithms.
  • Understand the role and impact of data science on strategic decision making and sustainability of organization’s competitive advantage.
  • Machine Learning Classification Algorithms.
  • Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms: Ensembles and pipelines.
  • Case studies.
  • Training Methodology

    This training course will combine instructor-led presentations with interactive discussions between participating delegates that relate to their individual interests.

    It is presented in a very hands-on way to suit individuals with varying levels of knowledge and experience. In addition practical exercises, video material and case studies will stimulate and support these discussions in order to provide maximum benefit to the participants.

    Above all, the course leader will make extensive use of case examples and case studies based on real-life strategic issues and situations in which he has been personally involved. REGISTER

    Course Duration, Location & Investment

    Duration: 4 days[32 Hours]
    Venue: DATA SCIENCE LAB, Valley Arcade, Nairobi Kenya.
    Date: 2-5th April 2019
    Investment: 65,000 + VAT ( Applicable to East Africans Only )
    Deliverables: The fee above is inclusive of breakfast, tea, snacks, lunch
    and full learning pack for all workshop attendees for the two days of training.


    Dr. Nhamo Mtetwa.

    Mr. Kavingwa Keya

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