The Mission dashboard

The Mission dashboard

A mission dashboard is a strategic measurement tool used by influential companies to help people at all levels of an organization keep track of the contribution they are making to their organization's most important strategic objectives. Some famous companies which use the missions’ dashboard as Judge & Dolh, one of Diageos' main American distributors. The first mission dashboard was developed by McKinney Rogers to help people at all levels of an organization keep track of their contribution towards the organizations strategic objectives.

The mission dashboard gives a single performance view of the business by focusing on each individual’s goals and targets, with indicators to measure progress towards them. This dashboard helps the c-level management to keep an eye on the progress towards organizational sub-mission set to the overall mission of the company.

Before 2003, Judge & Dolly had focused on being the leading distributor of wine and spirits in Illinois. By using the Diageo contract and the openings it created, Julian Burzynski, the CEO moved the company’s insights from maintaining its position as Illinois leading distributor to being the leading drinks distributor in the US at that time.

As a CEO often you need transparency. Using a mission dashboard, you are able to set clear targets.

One simple example of a Mission dashboard has been illustrated below where a company, let's call it X has 3 key strategic objectives for this quarter:

  • To deliver an outstanding revenue growth by doubling the number of gold sales accounts.
  • 100% retention rate on new acquisitions.
  • Create an inclusive, skilled, high-performing workforce of engaging & motivated teams.

To articulate the challenge, this could translate into 3 key analytical components:

  1. Revenue growth.
  2. Customer satisfaction.
  3. Effective talent management.

To achieve the strategic objectives set, the components can be broken down into specific SBU objectives.

The departmental heads can further create individual KPIs for their teams creating a master document that will track performance over time. You can access a sample template here

Eventually this will translate into a visual analytics dashboard that serves all people in the organization. Check out this example developed using tableau.



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